The serpent slithers onto the Android platform


  • Addictive gameplay
  • True to the original


  • Lacks anything new


Ask anyone to name a mobile phone game from the old days and 'Snake' will be the answer you get from most people, I would guess.

After years of advancement in mobile gaming, the block-guzzling serpent is still around, and Snake has wormed his way onto the Android platform, as one of the sample apps included in the SDK.

Snake for Android retains all the simplicity of the original game of skill, without adding anything fancy to the format. You control the snake using the directional buttons on your device, and must guide it over the yellow dots that appear in order to 'eat' them. If you touch the sides or double back on yourself then the game is over.

What starts off as a slow and relaxing game, quickly turns fast and furious as the snake gets longer and faster with every dot you eat. In fact, after about 30 it becomes more of a game of luck rather than skill.

Snake retains all of the addictiveness of the original but sadly, it lacks anything special. The graphics are very basic, there are no game options, and it doesn't even utilize touchscreen functionality.

If you're hankering for a bit of retro cellphone gaming action though, it's worth installing this one on your Google phone.

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